Jim Meneses of Philadelphia, USA, is a percussionist-composer.
Since 1980 he has been active in the field of new music in both the US and in Europe. He has toured and recorded with a number of international ensembles as composer and performer. He is also known as an improviser, and has worked with many of the established players in Europe and in the US.

A versatile player, Jim is at home in a number of different musical situations. His background in rock music is combined with a sensitivity to improvisation and sound production. From his earliest recordings with the Philadelphia hard-core band The Stick Men to his recent work with Toshi Makihara, Steve Horwitz Mousetrap, Positive Nuns and composer Ernst Bechert, he finds the appropriate balance between his role as timekeeper and that of sound creator.

Jim Meneses has performed in many of the major festivals of new music in the USA and in Europe, including New Music America (USA), Tampere Jazz Happening (SF), Groningen Jazz Marathon (NL), Mulhouse (F), Angelica (I), Victoriaville (CDN), Taktlos (CH), Grenoble (F), Moers (D), Banlieues Bleues (F), Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon (A) and others.

Jim has consistently been involved with projects that push the boundaries between rock and pop music and the avant-garde. His recent activity includes work with: ALLOS (AUS/NL/USA), ATTILA (F/I/USA), Blast (NL/USA), Fajt / Meneses (CR/USA), KIXX (D/CH/USA), and Palinckx (NL/USA). All have CD releases. These groups combine a mix of composition, improvisation, and the use of rock music as an element in their varied musical approaches.

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